Friday, 6 June 2014

Something to remember ~ Improvising

Something to remember. 
One photo from the week, capturing a moment I want to remember.

When the little ones wanted to play with sand (we don't have any sand), soil made a good alternative.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Alphabet project: D is for Demolition

D is for Demolition: This was the site of our village community centre, nursery, primary school and library. When the new building officially opened in April, the process of demolishing the old buildings began.  As we walk to nursery each day, we play spot the difference. It's surprising how much can be taken down in a single day! 

The weather hasn't been in my favour recently. This was the best my camera phone could do, during our recent dull and overcast mornings. :/

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

On the needles ~ Early preparations

We've yet to reach the longest day and yet my mind seems to have fast forwarded towards thoughts of Autumn preparations.  

I have plenty of hats - we all have plenty of hats in this house - but last week I realised I don't have a basic, ribbed black hat. Something for every day use, something that can be thrown on and goes with pretty much anything. 

I found this ribbed hat pattern (ravelry link here) which is exactly what I was looking for; a simple, basic, ribbed hat. You might be surprised at how difficult it was to find! I've been picking this up every now and then throughout the week and it currently measures around 9 inches. I have another couple of inches to go before I start the decrease and I imagine it will be finished by the weekend.   

Over the weekend I picked up an ex-library copy of Easy Knits (by Debbie Bliss) I've lost count of the amount of times I've borrowed this book from our local library so I'm so pleased to have my own copy! 

Little Miss has outgrown most of her jumpers, so I thought I'd use up the cream wool I had and make this jumper for her. It was a success when I knitted it for the Master last year, so I'm hoping Little Miss will equally be as much of a fan.  With the back finished, I made a start on the front last night.

Meanwhile, the wavy scarf has grown a few more inches over the past week and I'm still [yes, still!] reading Marian Keyes

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Monday, 2 June 2014

£2014 in 2014: Jingly jangly June

June is here! We're almost half way through the year and it's definitely time to get back on track with this here £2014 in 2014 Challenge. After all, the credit card isn't going to get cleared all by itself! 

Without a challenge to spur me on, I'm going to make my money grid earn its keep this month.  Small and steady has worked for me in the past, so I'm simply (hawhaw, simply says I), but yes, I'm simply going to work on saving one square at a time throughout this month. 

With 101 squares in my grid, each shaded square represents £20 I've saved or made so far this year.

I've used a different colour each month to track my progress.

Purple//January, Blue//February [the most successful month due to Save the Date], Orange//March, Green//April, Grey//May

I would love to have another row completed by the end of this month, but my goal is simply (ha, that word again!) to take one square at a time. 

Breaking it down to making and saving £20 at a time feels much more manageable and do-able than £60, or £200, or my ideal scenario, £260. 

I have £19 to find before I can complete my next square, so that's my first task for June. Today I made a start by sorting out all our unworn & outgrown clothes. With a pile of clothes gone to the charity shop, I'm left with a small selection of items to eBay and a couple of black bags to take to the local Cash for Clothes store. Small, baby steps is my plan for June.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

The weekend is for ~ water

Yesterday the rain stayed away and we spent most of the day in the garden.

The hose came out, the car was washed and outdoor toys were brought out of storage and given a good clean. Whilst the Mister cut the grass and I got down to some serious weeding, the tots chose to play with water. It's ironic our day was spent with water on the one day it doesn't rain!