Wednesday, 27 February 2013

£2013 in 2013: February update

February is almost over and as we won't be spending any money for the next couple of days I did my sums for the month to see what we can put towards our £2013 in 2013 pot.

The underspend from our total household budget for the month was £57.01.  The only area where we overspent was in personal care (by 90p).  The razors we bought were more expensive than those we'd normally buy but I've been reliably informed - by hubby - that they are much better and will last longer than our usual buys.  If that's the case, they'll work out cheaper in the long run.

Mister and I had 2 takeways at the start of the month (very naughty!) so after that's been deducted from our underspend, we're left with £36.61 going into the pot.

There isn't too much to report in the other areas where we could potentially make cash savings. We broke even with our fuel budget and I doubt that will change.  I gave the tots a little trim rather than taking them to the hairdresser, and due to the bad weather and feeling under the weather we didn't go to the local toddlers group as much as planned this month.  So that's £22 that was budgeted for but not spent.

Cancelling our Lovefilm subscription and my Ebay shop subscriptions will be saving us £26.73 each month.  As I explained before, I'm going to include this as part of our 2013 pot.  The lump sum for the remainder of the year (10 payments) will be going into February's savings, but we'll transfer the amount from our bank account each month.  

The unexpected tax refund was an added bonus and we'll put £99 from that into the 2013 pot as soon as the cheque has cleared.

'Making money' hasn't really happened this month.  The items I've sold on Ebay should cover my extra fees from the Ebay shop, but if there are any pennies spare, I'll add these to the sales I make in March.

Here is the breakdown for February:

Total home budget - £36.61
Baby items - £10.44 underspend
Laundry products - broke even, exactly to the penny.
Household products - £17.18 underspend
Drinks (tea, coffee, juice etc.  We don't drink alcohol regularly) - £20.32 underspend
Food - £9.97 underspend
Personal care products - overspent by 90p
Takeaways - £20.40

Fuel budget - £0

Other budget(s) - £22
Hair cuts - £6
Toddler group - £16

Cancelled subscriptions (01.03.12 - 31.12.13) - £267.30
Lovefilm - £4.99 a month
Ebay shop - £14.99 a month
Shop management tool - £6.75 a month

The unexpected - £99
Tax refund


The total amount going into the pot this month is £424.91.  

I need to save and make £167.75 a month to achieve my goal and since I started the challenge 6 weeks into the new year (i.e. late!), I needed to achieve £335.50 this month to be on target.  I'm pleased to say I have!  Tonight I'll be finalising my March budget and plans once the tots are tucked up in bed.


  1. That's an excellent total for this month! Well done :)

    I'm a new reader of your blog and am intrigued by the £2013 in 2013 idea. I will have to get my thinking cap on and see if I can look at achieving something similar :)

  2. Thanks! Although it's only been a couple of weeks, the challenge has really helped to keep me focussed on our budget.