Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Monthly Meal Planning - August

Yesterday I shared my monthly grocery haul and today I want to share my August meal plan based on the groceries I purchased for the month.

Breakfasts are planned to be kept as quick and simple as possible; usually cereal, toast, pancakes, yoghurt and fruit.  Lunches have to be portable with minimal prep to fit in with our school and work commitments; usually leftovers or sandwiches.  That means the main focus of my monthly meal plan is our evening meals.

Themed Dinner Nights

Pizza night
Leftovers/Brinner (breakfast for dinner) night
Meat free meal night

Pizza night is usually on a Friday, with the other themed nights planned around our changing weekly commitments.

Meal Plan

Week commencing 8 August
Monday - Tuna pasta/tuna salad
Tuesday - Spaghetti bolognese
Wednesday - Brinner
Thursday - Leftovers night
Friday - Pizza night
Saturday - Chicken fajitas
Sunday - Steak pie, potatoes and veggies

Week commencing 15 August
Monday - Hot dogs/burgers night
Tuesday - Chicken pasta/salad
Wednesday - Chicken fried rice
Thursday - Spaghetti bolognese
Friday - Pizza night
Saturday - Fish with rice/potatoes and veggies
Sunday - Chilli

Week commencing 22 August
Monday - Baked potatoes
Tuesday - Brinner
Wednesday  - Macaroni cheese/Cheese on toast and salad
Thursday - Fish with rice/potatoes and veggies
Friday - Pizza night
Saturday - Fake away takeaway night
Sunday - Roast chicken, potatoes and veggies

Week commencing 29 August
Monday -  Roast chicken leftovers - rice dish
Tuesday - Roast chicken - pasta/noodles dish
Wednesday - Leftovers meal

You can catch the video of my latest grocery haul over on my YouTube channel Frugal Wife


  1. Wow! I plan my meals weekly! I am not organised to plan them monthly....Well done you!
    You have so many of our favourite meals...Yum :D x