Monday, 8 August 2016

The 'BIG' once-a-month grocery haul

The meal plan for August is complete and the main food shop is done and dusted. Who cares if we're almost at the end of the first full week of August?  Better late than never I say!

August is a busy month for this little family of four, so convenience foods were purchased along with a few other things to make life a little easier for us.  However, our monthly budget remains the same:
 £200 - groceries £20 - household items.

With this haul of goodies (alongside out pantry items), I feel we have the basics for our planned meals and only a small weekly shop throughout the month, mainly for fresh produce, will be needed.

Click here to see everything I bought over on my YouTube channel: Once-a-month grocery haul

Here's the breakdown of purchases:


Fresh produce
Eggs x1  89p
Semi-skimmed milk 8 pints £2
Cheese 940g £4.33

Cucumber x1 24p
Red bell pepper x1 50p
Tomatoes x3 42p
Mushrooms 90p
Spring onions 49p

Naan bread 2 pack x1 50p
Potato cakes x1 50p
Tortilla wraps 8 pack x1 89p

Meat & Poultry
Skinless sausages 10 pack x1 £1
8 pack pork sausages x2 £1.32
Chicken breasts 300g £1.89
Beef mince 500g £1.69
Unsmoked back bacon 600g £2.70
Cooking bacon 500g 60p
12 pack quarter pound beef burgers £5

Big night in offer for this weekend's 'fake-way'- Beef blackbean & egg fried rice, chicken jalfrezi & pilau rice, chicken sticks & pops, bbq chicken wings - £6

Store Cupboard
Egg fried rice packets x2 £1
Salsa 79p
Bolognese past sauce jar 79p
Tomato and chilli sauce jar x1 79p
Kidney beans can 30p
Gravy granules jar 20p
Fajita seasoning 50p

Vegetarian mince £1.25
Meat free vegetable quarter pounders 4 pack £1.25
Breaded cod fillets 4 pack £2.75
10 pack fish fingers £1
Cooked sliced chicken 340g x2 £4
Cheese pizza £1
Pepperoni pizza £1
Turkey dinosaurs 10 pack £2


Fresh produce
Lurpak butter x2 £4
Ham 60p
Fromage frais 6 pack 42p
Bananas 61p
Apples 89p
Bread x5 £4.25

Store cupboard
Peanut butter x1 62p
Cereal 25p
Mayonnaise 85p
Rice cakes x3 £2.97
Multipack variety crisps 30 pack £2.99
Hula hoops multipack x3 £3

Frubes 9 pack £2
Fruity pops ice lollies 8 pack £1
Fruit flavoured lollies 8 pack 63p


Sparkling water 2litres x10 £1.70
Diet coke 12 pack £3.55
Orange squash x3 £2.67
Summer fruits squash x3 £2.67
Diet cola 2litres x5 ££2.25
Xero cola 2 litres x5 £2.25
Instant coffee 300g £2.90
Sweetners £1


Toilet roll 9 pack x4 £8
Toilet wipes x1 75p
Baby wipes x1 50p
Shower cleaner spray x1 70p
Toilet cleaner x4 £1.08
Furniture polish 80p
Laundry detergent 3.185kg £5.50

I'll be back tomorrow to share my meal plan for the month.