Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Real numbers, real budget - October 2017 Budget Plan

Today I bring you a little closer into our lives as I share with you our real life income and expenses as I plan our zero based budget for October.  

When I decided to restart blogging here at A Frugal Wife and begin a YouTube channel, we made the decision to be as open and as transparent as possible when it came to our personal finance and debt... so here it is, in all its glory (!!)

Sharing personal finances, especially when you're not in the position you'd like to be (i.e. in DEBT!) is not easy, but we only wish to help as many people as possible to not make the same mistakes as us and encourage people who are in a similar situation to know that being debt free is possible. 

Below will take you to my October budget planning video which shows exactly how we plan to budget this month.

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  1. hi i love Dave Ramsey too!! it's nice to meet a fellow uk person who knows who he is :) good luck with your debt snowball..i will be on baby step 2 next month. Had a few car problems so emergency fund had to be built back up again, but felt sooo good to have it. I'm a follower now I've found you so looking forward to more posts :)