Thanks for stumbling your way along to this blog!  Well whatsitallabout then, I hear you ask?  A Frugal Wife is written by me, the Frugal Missus, sometimes known as Sara, a 30-something wife to 1 and mum to 2.

Life has changed for Missy Frugal a lot over the past few years.  Marriage, 2 tots, and living on less than half the income before children.  If someone had told her 7 years ago that it was manageable to live on less and be much happier, she’d have snorted in their face.

This blog is about going back to basics; doing what makes us happy and living with less, to allow us to have more.  We know what we need by knowing what we want.  A little planning, organisation and budgeting of time, effort and money allows us to achieve and do what we want.

This blog is not about doing without or having to make do.  Oh no, Missy Frugal doesn’t like that thought one little bit!

But it does include money and time-saving tips, thrifty finds, crafting, kids activities and how to live well and creatively without overstretching the pennies.


  1. i love frugal living! i love superscrimpers and anything to save money! will be following to get some tips
    im over at http://welcometothemummymadness.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Hey Sara! loved your idea of starting a blog with tips on frugal living. Here in India, things are getting too expensive that I am sure am gonna follow your blog religiously to see how I can go about saving pennies. Am thinking of leaving my job and am petrified by the decrease in income in the house.

  3. hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster award, your blog is inspiring. More info can be found here http://pennywisemummy.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/liebester-award/

  4. I always read your cuz I learn a lot from your blog! We are sturggling financially & I can always use some help with the budget and well life in general =) #pocolo

  5. I've found you through #pocolo. Am off to follow and find some tips - have a few, but don't always live by my own rules, and am always after new ideas to be thrifty.